The Top 10 Biking Trailers for Effortless Family Outings

The Top 10 Biking Trailers for Effortless Family Outings

Calling all biking moms with little adventurers in tow! 🚴‍♀️ As we pedal into National Bike Month, let's make sure you're all set with the perfect ride-along companion: bike trailers for your kiddos. But hey, we get it – you've got a busy schedule, so let's keep it simple and practical.

When it comes to picking the right bike trailer, here's what you need to know:

Frame Material: Look for trailers crafted from sturdy aluminum or steel. Why? Because durability matters, especially when you're navigating those unpredictable roads. Plastic parts? Nah, let's skip those for a smoother, safer ride.

Tire Size and Design: Bigger tires mean better stability, especially when you're cruising over bumps and cracks. Aim for 16- or 20-inch tires – they're the sweet spot for balancing agility and resilience. And as for the design, go for rubber air-filled tires or pneumatic wheels for that extra durability.

Capacity: How many kiddos can hop on board? And what's the weight limit? Whether you're hauling a mini squad or just a couple of munchkins, make sure your trailer can handle the load. It's all about keeping everyone comfy and secure.

Harness Type: Safety first, right? For your littlest passengers, opt for trailers with five-point harnesses. Got older kiddos itching for adventure? A three-point harness is cool, but only if they're over three years old and ready to roll.

Now, let's talk about our top picks. We've handpicked these bike trailers with your needs in mind – quality, budget-friendliness, and, of course, a smooth ride. With sturdy suspension systems keeping things steady, you can trust these trailers to keep your little explorers safe and sound:


Trailer's Only: 

1) The Burley Bee $ 349 - is a long-standing favorite for biking with children. With UV-protected windows, front and rear reflectors, and a 5-point harness, the Bee takes both safety and comfort seriously. And with its simple hitching system, the Bee makes it easy to enjoy family bike rides any day of the week. Now made with recycled fabric, increased headroom and ground clearance. Available in single or double seat models.


2) Allen Deluxe Child $146 - The Allen Sports child bicycle trailer offers a valuable outdoor solution for active parents. It's sturdy yet lightweight design includes large windows, airy space and the ability to fold for easy transport and storage. Available in both one child and two child models. 


Curly haired black female holding a bike with a child in a bike trailer that is attached to the bike she is holding. Outside on a sunny day.

Trailer Stroller: 

3) The Honey Bee - $479 - For a seamless solution to biking and strolling on the go, the Honey Bee™ easily converts from a lightweight, two-seat bike trailer to a convenient walking stroller. Now made with post-consumer recycled fabric, improved ground clearance and integrated skid guard. Capacity - 2 children. 


 4) Allen Sports Deluxe Bike Trailer and Stroller - $175 - Great affordable option for a lightweight steel constructed trailer. Comes with durable quick release 16 inches steel wheels, a foot guard to protect your child's feet, and a padded 5 point safety harness comfortably holds your child in place. It's folding design has quick release wheels and makes for easy transport and storage.


Mid-Range Multi Sport Trailers

5) Encore X - $ 649 - With this you can bike, jog, stroll, or even ski! The versatile Encore X ensures kids stay safe and comfy even when exploring off the beaten path. This bike trailer features a five-point harness, a padded bench-style seat, a full suspension system and all-weather features. The Encore X is the perfect solution for families looking to get outdoors year-round.


6) Qeridoo Sportrex 1 Petrol - $650 This trailer is what's known as an all-rounder and is particularly characterized by its sporty look and aerodynamic look. It offers a good price vs performance ratio and offers additional convenience functions. The headrests are already included and ensure a comfortable posture of the head. Due to its narrow passage width, it can also be optimally used as a buggy. The Sportrex is equipped with the innovative leaf spring damping system, which ensures excellent shock absorption even on uneven terrain. One child capacity.


High-End Multi Sport Trailers: 

7) Thule Chariot Cross Multi Sport Trailer and Stroller - $1299 - With one-handed recline, adjustable suspension, and easy-clean padded seats, it's built for adventure. Store your gear in the XL cargo space, stay visible with the rear light, and keep cool with adjustable ventilation. Plus, when not in use, simply store the kits directly on the trailer. Two children capacity.


8) Thule Chariot Lite - $899 - Similar to the Chariot Cross but this is for a single child. 


9) D'Lite X by Burley - $899 - $999 - For ultimate kiddo comfort, look no further than the D'Lite X bike trailer and stroller. Adjustable suspension, independently reclining seats, and premium seat pads keep little ones comfy so you can enjoy longer bikes rides together. Available in single and double passenger models, and with multiple conversion kit options.


10) Hamax Traveller Two Seat Child and Bike Stroller - $349 - Limited Time Deal! Usually listed for $650, you might want to run to take advantage of this special offer. Lightweight and versatile, this two-seat bike trailer + stroller is your ticket to everyday adventures with your little ones. With a roomy cabin area and XL cargo space, there's plenty of room for passengers, helmets, and all your carry-alongs. Plus, the three-layer cover – complete with a mesh screen, transparent rain cover, and sunshade – ensures your crew stays comfy in all seasons.

So, whether you're hitting the trails or simply cruising to the farmer's market, these 10 best bike trailers have got your back (and your kiddos' too). Time to saddle up and enjoy the ride! 🌟

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