10 Books to add to your Back to School Supplies List

10 Books to add to your Back to School Supplies List

It’s a new school year and shouldn’t you go back to school energized, confident and more self-aware? We think: YES! Today, we might need a little more help getting there. So we’ve put together a short list of 10 books mean’t to help you and your little one in this back to school 2022 season. Wether you’re doing at home mommy/daddy daycare or they’re starting their first in-person school experience. Make these apart of your back to school supplies and your littles will have no choice but to grow more self-confident this year.

1) ANGRY NINJA - We initially got this book for our son because his behavior at times was really frustrating and I didn’t know how to handle it. He would be playing, I would tell him it was time to go and he would lash out. Throw his toys against the wall, breaking them just because I said it was time to go. He would at other times just be angry and had a hard time not hitting or again throwing things. As a parent you do what you know and at the time I only knew what I had grown up with which was spanking. Well telling a kid that its not O.K. to hit when you’re frustrated as you’re spanking your frustration out on their B-hind is not the clearest message. So I took to google and with a few searches I came across this book and series of other books geared toward helping kids navigate emotions and feelings, like anger, frustration, worry, or happiness and joy. With this book and a few others we really changed our son’s behavior and his response to things he didn’t want. It teaches you how you may not always be able to control what happens to you but you can control how you respond. A great lesson to help handle the major changes your child may face going through with a new school and with new rules.

2) GRATEFUL NINJA - Another great book. Perfect for instilling a sense of gratitude into your kiddos. It shows you that practicing gratitude, is just that a practice that you can begin at any time and anyone can do it. Honestly, this one helped our son and us parents to slow down and appreciate more of what we had as a family. With everything happening in the world, coupled with whatever daily struggles are facing your family big and small, it’s good to have reminders on how to bring more happiness, joy and fulfillment into your life experience. Grateful Ninja is your guide to that.

3) FOCUSED NINJA - You can see there’s a theme going here. These are just a few of the 80 different varieties of Ninja in the Life Hack series. All written to help guide your little one (from 3 to 11) navigate new feelings, emotions, patterns, social cues and even cultural interests like Investing, Inventing and more, all to help them be more aware in life. And I am I HUGE fan of these books. I’m working on getting our hands on all of them. If you’re looking for a place to start, I recommend these 3. Especially if you have a rambunctious, outgoing , high energy, emotional and dramatic child like I was blessed with. The author has also created sets of 8 different books which allow for a nice variety to start with. My faves are the Growth Mindset and Self Awareness sets great for going back to school.

4) HANGRY NINJA - You might be surprised at this one and maybe even laugh, but this one was actually key in 2 ways. 1) It helped our son understand the importance of eating healthy and that sometimes we can act negatively towards others because our body is telling us that we’re hungry. i.e. Hungry + Angry = Hangry. But the best part was that 2) it helped our son understand his Dad more. My husband aka his father is the epitome of the SNICKERS commercial, something that had I not figured out when we were dating, would have broken us up a long time ago. But our son didn’t get it, until we read this book. Literally with this, it didn’t take long until he understood. He didn’t hold it against his Dad for being Hangry or even himself for acting Hangry at times (he is his son). He just now knows how the feeling of hunger may show up for some people. That listening to his body is an important part of his day. And choosing the right foods, helps him make better decisions in other areas of his life. *Note we had to revisit this book at the start of this new school year.

5) THE MAGIC OF MY MAGICAL CHOICES - A top pick amongst teachers and caregivers, this book focuses on choices and how you can dictate your results by being aware of the choices you make. Helping your child understand that they have the power within themselves. No more, "I can't, I don't know, or I'm not!" As you use My Magical Choices to teach your children positive, conscious language, they will choose to be responsible, calm, confident, fun, a good sport, forgiving, generous and more!

6) MAKING A DIFFERENCE - Inspiring your child that they can do more and go farther to me is apart of a parents’ job description and should be ingrained within your daily routine. However sometimes as a parents we don’t always have the right words or know how to inspire our kids after we’ve had a full day of work and trying to inspire others or ourselves at our job. Making a Difference, the first book in the new, inspirational nonfiction children's book series called Young Change Makers, helps make that job easier. It is filled with real stories of kids who are making the world a better place by following their hearts and chasing their dreams. Whether planting a billion trees, bringing joy to others through music, fundraising for sick children or starting an inclusive dance team, these determined youth are using their talents to do amazing things! What a great way to inspire your kiddo for the new year.

7) I CAN DO HARD THINGS - What kids tell themselves matters! It becomes their inner voice. It can help them connect with their power within. Help your child learn how to tap into their inner strength and resilience when challenges arise. I Can Do Hard Things introduces children to the practice of using mindful affirmations for support and encouragement when they need it. Something they can practice everyday and you can practice with them.

8) FIND YOUR CALM - “Anxiety can feel big and powerful. It can show up suddenly, without warning.”

For many kids, it can be overwhelming. Anxiety is not just a cognitive experience. When children feel anxious, their bodies respond physically to a perceived threat. They need to feel a sense of safety before being able to figure out what to do next. Your child can read along and learn practices and strategies that keep the anxiety from taking over. Find Your Calm is a wonderfully accessible book that teaches children how to tap into their sense of safety when anxiety sends a false alarm, so they can find their calm. It includes simple grounding activities and coping tools for them to practice as well.

9) ABC’s OF KINDNESS - There are a variety of ABC books, why not have one focused on KINDNESS. So many people are simply unkind to each other today, this a good way to show your kiddo the many ways they can make the world a kinder place with the choices they make.

10) LOGIC WORKBOOK FOR GRITTY KIDS - My son would definitely add a workbook to any booklist. And I think he’s right. They are a must for kids. (They literally helped us survive during quarantine). This educational activity book includes carefully crafted puzzles and games made to engage children in purposeful problem solving and STEM skill development through grit building challenges.


We know there are so many great books out there that add value. That’s why we will continue to put together lists like these. And we’d love your help. If there’s a book that you’d like to share, please comment below and let us know what should make the next list. It could be brand new, or something you loved as a kid (that just means it’s an O.G.) we’d love to hear about it. ;)

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