The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Kids Safe This Summer

The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Kids Safe This Summer

Hey Mama! Summer's here, and while the kiddos are free as birds, I know you’re still juggling a million things. But let's face it, we want our little ones to have the best summer ever, right? So, let’s make every moment count, even if we’re squeezing in the fun between work calls and grocery runs. I’ve got some top-notch, tried-and-true tips to keep your babies, toddlers, and young kids cool, safe, and entertained. Whether you use them all or just one, these nuggets of wisdom are here to help you rock this summer. Because let’s be real, you deserve a medal for all you do, and your kiddos deserve some unforgettable summer memories!

Sun Safety

Sunscreen Shenanigans: Think of sunscreen like frosting— apply generously for extra fun! Slather as much SPF 30+ on your kiddo before they head outside and if you can give them another application if they're outside over two hours. Reapplying just makes sure you keep them covered, because no one wants a sunburned cupcake. You might want a more Natural sunscreen for kids and we agree so here's some crowd faves: 

Thinkbaby SPF 50+ Baby Mineral Sunscreen - $15 
Badger Kids Organic Mineral Sunscreen SPF 40 for Kids with Zinc Oxide, Reef Friendly, Broad Spectrum, Water Resistant, 2.9 fl oz - $13
Alba Botanica Kids Sunscreen for Face and Body, Tropical Fruit Sunscreen Lotion for Kids, Broad Spectrum SPF 50, Water Resistant and Hypoallergenic, 3 fl. oz. - $11

    Shade Brigade: Infants under 6 months? Best to keep them chillin' in the shade as much as possible. Sun hats, Umbrellas, stroller canopies—whatever it takes to keep them cool and cute. Opt for materials that can cover them up but also that are light and airy. There's so much designs and a variety of brim sizes. Take a look at Etsy and you'll discover loads of cute personalized sun hat options for your little one or something in your favorite sports team. 

    Fashionista Protection: Pick lightweight, long-sleeved shirts, pants, and adorable wide-brimmed hats to help shield them from the sun. Sunburns are out; sun-safe chic is in.


    Sip, Sip, Hooray: Keep those tiny humans hydrated. Don't just rely on them to drink up. Offer water often, and for the littlest ones, up the breastfeeding or bottle-feeding game. Needing something to keep your water cool? Here are the latest water bottles for summer the kids will love.


      Water Safety

      Watchful Water Wonder: Water play is fab, but always keep an eye on your little

      mermaid or merman. Never leave them alone around water. For at home water fun try these Sprinkler toys for young kids.
      Pool Patrol: Pool fences with self-latching gates are a must. If you're at a pool without a gate, someone must be watching the kids at all times. Block or close doggy doors, or small openings babies can crawl out of as well. Keep some type of barrier either human or metal from the pool and your little ones. If your little one is in swim classes, fantastic! But if not, you can teach them 1) how to float and 2) how to get to the edge and climb out of the water. You can make it a fun thing and help them practice the ‘monkey walk’ along the walls edge to the nearest stairs or ladder. It's the first thing they teach at most swim schools and it's a simple fundamental that could save their lives if ever they were to fall in. Read more on swim techniques and pool safety in this post we did not too long ago. 

      Floaty Fun: Life jackets are more than just stylish—they’re lifesavers. Ensure they’re snug and secure for any watery adventures. We found some super baby and toddler floats here on Amazon.

        Heat Safety

        Beat the Heat: Keep it cool with light, breathable outfits. When our little one was a baby, we said why even bother. Less is more. It was just a diaper while we were around the house. No need for a sweat fest, even during naps.

        Hot Car No-No: Never leave your munchkin in a parked car. Cars heat up faster than a microwave, and we don’t want any roasted peanuts!!! EVER!!!! Same goes for our fur babies. 

          Insect Safety

          Bug Off: Use insect repellent with DEET (up to 30%) or other safe options. Avoid the face, because no one likes a bug spray cocktail. Best Bug repellent that's good for kids 

          Mosquito Defense Squad: Evening stroll? Long sleeves and pants are your secret weapon against those pesky biters. If you're in an area where bugs are really bad you might want to invest in mosquito nets for your stroller. Here's a popular mosquito net that can be used on either a stroller, a playpen or crib.

          Play Safety

          Playground Pro Tips: Scout out safe play zones away from hot grills, fire pits. 

            Toy Story: Take a look at some of these fun Summer Water Toys and Games for kids 

            Tiny Toes Protection: Keep those tiny toes safe and comfortable with well-fitted shoes. Think of them as armor for your little knight or princess, ready to take on summer adventures. Summer shoes for babies and toddlers

            General Safety

            First Aid Fun: Band-aids, insect bite cream, tweezers to get out thorns - you might need all the things. Keep a well-stocked first aid kit handy. Summer first aid kit for kids. Also keep some aloe vera handy this summer—it's like having a magical potion for soothing those inevitable kiddo sunburns and scrapes!

            Speed Dial Saviors: Have emergency numbers ready, including your pediatrician and local poison control. Supermom to the rescue! 

            Travel Safety

            Car Seat Check-up: Taking a road-trip? Before heading out ensure your car seats are properly installed and fit your child’s age, weight, and height. Road trips are fun; safety is essential. Best Car Seat for Travel 2024 

            Comfort Crew: Bring along their favorite lovey, blankie, or toy. It’s like packing a bit of home, ensuring instant calm amidst the chaos.

            Pit Stop Planner: Plan for plenty of breaks. Stretch those little legs and let the kiddos burn off some energy. Happy kids, happy trip!

            Sleep Sweet Spot: Make sure your mini-me has a safe and cozy place to snooze. Portable cribs or play yards are lifesavers! Check out our list of Travel Essentials.

            Childproof Challenge: On arrival to your hotel or Airbnb, do a quick sweep for hazards. Think of it as an escape room game—spot the dangers before they do! Here's a Babyproofing Travel Checklist to help you remember all the little things. 

            Handy Hygiene: Wipes and hand sanitizer are your best friends. Keep those little hands clean and germ-free—because sharing isn’t always caring!

            Travel Documentation: Don’t forget the documents! Passports, health insurance cards, and anything else you might need. Better safe than sorry!


            So there you have it, Supermoms! A treasure trove of tips to make this summer not just bearable but downright awesome. Remember, it’s not about doing it all; it’s about making the most of the time you’ve got. Here’s to a summer filled with laughter, splashes, and a whole lot of love. Let’s keep those babies safe, those toddlers happy, and those young ones busy. Now go out there and enjoy every sun-soaked, ice-cream-dripped moment. You’ve got this! 🌞👶🏾🌈

            Follow these tips to help keep your summer full of fun, emergency-less memories. Stay tuned for more fun and fabulous parenting hacks! 🌞 #MomLifeHacks #SummerSafety #SuperMomTips


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