A Guide to Mother’s Day

A Guide to Mother’s Day


How to treat Mom while quarantining and still make her feel special.

It’s almost that time. Mother’s Day. A time usually filled with school-made I ❤️ MOM crafts, extended champagne brunches with family at our favorite restaurants and Mother-Daughter mani-pedis. It’s not news that these are all pretty much out of the question.😢 We might not be able to treat mom the way we were planning to, but here are a few ways to still make this year special for the one who cares for us most. 

1. Breakfast-in-Bed: What a great way for Mom to wake up, slowly and with food! This can be a simple toast, fruit and coffee or as lavish as pancakes, bacon and eggs. Just take into account the clean up. Mom doesn’t want to have to go from not a care to caring for a sink full of 1000+ dishes.

2. Make the Kitchen off limits to Mom: Why stop at breakfast. Give Mom the entire day off from cooking. Basically make the kitchen a NO-MOM Zone. If you think a sign would help, put one up. If she wants a snack, make it. Make sure her cup is never empty. This will be an all day effort, but if it goes right Mom will love the break from being chef/butler and will like not having to lift a finger for the day.

3. Take over the house chores for the day: Clean the house for her. Do the laundry. That means cleaned, folded and put away. Can’t do the whole house? What is Mom’s favorite room? Take that one and make it sparkle. It might take the whole family but it will be worth it. Celebrate with game night and take out! 

4. Brunch at home: Do your best and lay out a brunch spread at home, Try a variety of bagels and cream cheese toppings. Serve some champagne and Oj or even take it up a notch with a Mimosa or Bloody Mary bar.

5. Special Care package: Make a care package for Mom and deliver it to her door. We’re not talking about the essentials. Give Mom some of her favorites. This will be a nice treat if all she’s been focusing on are what she needs and not what she really wants.

6. Spa at Home: A relaxing spa experience doesn't have to cost $175 and doesn’t even have to be at a spa. You’d be surprised what you can do at home. Create a spa-like experience for Mom in her bathroom at home. Start with a clean space. Draw a bath, light some candles, turn on some relaxing music. Give Mom a facial treatment with these DIY Face-Masks. Serve some chilled water with lemon and cucumber and watch as Mom forgets where she even is. Just make sure to give her ample time to enjoy. That means don’t kill Mom’s vibes. Pretend she is actually at the spa and let her be.

7. Give her a manicure: With nail salons being closed for close to month now, this one will be extra appreciated. Go through these Easy Manicure Steps for a guide on how to.

8. Plan a Bucket List Trip/Vision Board: It’s definitely way too early to make anything solid right now, but that doesn’t stop you from helping Mom think about some of those dream places that will one day be available for your touring pleasure. Use google earth to dream cast for the future. Grab some old magazines and make a vision board to add some life to your plans.

9. Picnic in Backyard: Layout a blanket, some food and drinks, grab your bluetooth speaker and pop-a-squat as they say in your backyard or living room.

10. Virtual Wine Tasting: It’s good to see a timeless experience like wine tasting is still an option for Mother’s Day! Wine.com is helping us get want we want and not wine about it. (See what I did there). For free you and Mom can sip and learn directly from the connoisseurs. You have the option of purchasing the wine used before the tasting or sipping along with your own stash. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

11. Create a Zen Space for Mom: Transform a space in the house into a zen room for Mom to enjoy for the day. This could be a room, a corner, a chair in a nook..it might take some out of the box thinking, but the key is make it private and just for Mom. Her own private sanctuary, equipped with her favorite candle, book and snack. Main thing…let her be in peace until she exits. 

12. Deck out her door: Decorate Mom’s door with a fancy wreath. Flowers. Pictures from the past or from trips you took together. Chances are she won’t be able to stop cherishing it throughout the day.

13. Dine-out/Stay-in: Order from her favorite restaurant. There are so many restaurants doing take-out today, most likely the place you would have gone to for a Mother’s Day meal is still an option. Just call ahead and make sure that’s the case.

Still want Mom to get a special delivery this year? Here are some simple yet thoughtful options for mom. We included some of our favorite brands that have perfect unique gifts for Mom to feel all the love.


  • CSC [Comfy Sexy Cute] Pajamas: Mom’s pjs might be a little worn out from March and April. Give her some that not only keep her in quarantine uniform but also make her feel cute and maybe even dare I say it, a little sexy. Yes Mom’s can feel sexy too! We found a few CSC Pajama options on Nordstrom or Shopbop.





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Even in the madness that is 2020, we can still show Mom exactly how much we love and care by making an effort to make the day a bit more special than every other day. The goal should be to make this year one to remember for reasons besides the fact it happened during a pandemic. Whatever you decide, or think of to make your mom feel special we know she’ll love it, because it came from you!

Leave a comment and let us know which one you decide to treat mom with this year! We’d love to hear how she loved it.

Enjoy and be well!

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