About Mr. B's Baby Bumper™

Welcome to Mr. B's Baby Bumper™, your ultimate solution for baby walker safety and protection. Our innovative baby walker bumpers are designed by The Martinez family - Felipe, Shakirah, and their son Boston, affectionately known as Mr. B.

Hailing from Los Angeles and Chicago, Felipe and Shakirah's journey began in Phoenix, Arizona. From the start, Felipe was always inventing solutions to everyday challenges. When they became parents to Boston, they faced a new problem that needed a creative solution. Felipe's ingenuity led to the creation of Mr. B’s Baby Bumper™ – turning a baby walker into a safe, cushioned haven that prevents injuries and protects your home.

Our Story:

“We know the joy of seeing your baby explore in their new baby walker with bumper wheels, but we also know the cringe of impending toe injuries and scraped walls. That’s why we created a soft, cushioned baby walker bumper to prevent baby walker injuries and protect walls from baby walker impacts.”

Our baby walker bumper toy for boys and girls makes everyday activities safer and stress-free. Whether you’re doing laundry, cleaning, cooking, or just walking barefoot around the house, our product ensures that your child’s walker is a safe companion.

Why Choose Us:

  • Baby Walker Safety: Our bumpers provide unparalleled baby walker protection, ensuring safe baby walkers for your little ones.
  • Soft and Cushioned: We use the best materials to create soft baby walker edges, offering superior protection and comfort.
  • Easy to Use: Our cushioned baby walker bumper is easy to install with strong adhesive, making it a breeze to childproof your baby walker.
  • Peace of Mind: No more bumped toes or damaged walls. Enjoy the convenience of free shipping baby bumpers delivered right to your door.

The Mr. B Promise:

As parents, we understand the importance of baby safety products. Our mission is to provide effective baby proofing products that make parenting easier. We guarantee our product’s quality and offer a 30-day full refund policy if you’re not satisfied – no questions asked.

Thank you for choosing Mr. B's Baby Bumper™. We are committed to ensuring the safety and happiness of your family.

Felipe, Shakirah, and Boston