Kids Shopping Carts ?

Kids Shopping Carts ?

Does your little one love to zip through your home like its aisle 9 at the grocery store? But then can’t seem to really navigate your walls and living room layout to save their life? Then this bumper will make life for your home, you and your little one a bit better. Takes minutes to apply and you’ll love it the moment you do.


This picture was taken when a friend reached out because her toddler was tearing up her new home with this cart. She loved how excited he would get when playing with his new toy but she hated the scuffs and dents it was leaving behind. It took a few minutes to see exactly where the points of contact were, a few cuts of the strip and bad-boom-badda-bang we did it! She was super happy. We were a little worried her son wouldn’t like his new adjustments, but he didn't seem to mind. Her walls on the other hand whispered a sweet ‘Thank you’ as I was walking out!



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