Mother-Son Date Night Ideas

Mother-Son Date Night Ideas

Moms, let's face it: competing with the digital world for our kids' attention is like trying to convince a toddler that broccoli is a treat. Remember the days when a trip to the park or a lunch date at Target was the height of excitement for our little ones? Well, those days are in the rearview mirror. As our kids grow, so does the challenge of finding cool, engaging activities that don't just involve screens.

I've been on a mission to create deeper connections with my kid, ones that don't just last until the next Wi-Fi outage. And guess what? I've compiled a list of awesome ideas right here in Arizona. But here's the kicker: these kinds of fun, quirky places exist everywhere! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to embark on a local adventure hunt. Google is your friend here. And hey, if you've discovered some hidden gems in your neck of the woods, don't be shy—drop those in the comments and let's make this a mom-huddle of epic adventures! 🌵🚲🎨🍦



  • Mini Golf in the dark - Mini golf is fun, mini golf in the dark is more fun. Get fully emerged in black light and get your glow on at Glow Putt AZ . It’s $10.95 a round for 18 hole for anyone over 9 years old. If you’re 8 or under its $6.95 for 18 holes. And just $5 per replay. Each ticket comes with its own glow in the dark bracelet.

Glow Putt AZ - 9160 E Shea Blvd #110, Scottsdale, AZ 85260 (NW corner behind Bank of America) - (480) 451-4569

Imagine zipping around a track in a go-kart that feels like it's straight out of a "Tokyo Drift" movie. At Drift Haus, kids aged 6 and up (minimum height 42 inches) can enjoy the thrill of racing, accompanied by an energizing mix of music and dazzling lights. It's an experience that will have your children feeling like they're stars in a high-speed adventure!

For $19.99, each racer gets a 15-minute session on the track, which is just enough time to spark that competitive spirit and race against each other. And don't worry about safety; helmets are a must. You can either rent helmets and headsocks at the venue or bring your own.

But what about the little ones? Drift Haus hasn't forgotten about them! Kids aged 3-5 (minimum height 36 inches) have their own special track where they can race for $14.99. Their drifting time is also 15 minutes, perfect for those little racers to get a taste of the excitement.

Our family had a blast racing each other, and the friendly competition added a fun twist to our evening. It was not just about who crossed the finish line first but about sharing laughs and creating unforgettable memories together.

So, if you're in the Tempe area, head over to Drift Haus at 2000 E Rio Salado Parkway #1024, Tempe, AZ 85281. It's an adventure that both you and your kids will cherish. Buckle up and get ready for a thrilling ride at Drift Haus – where family fun meets the fast lane!

Drift Haus at Tempe Marketplace - 2000 E Rio Salado Parkway #1024 Tempe, AZ 85281


  • Have dinner out at an old fashioned diner like no other. From Thursday - Sunday find all of your old-fashioned diner favorites from a food truck in the heart of downtown Phoenix. But this isn’t just a food truck, its games, a boxing ring, live music and delicious desserts like S’mores Cheesecake. Yes that’s all at the same restaurant. A place called The Duce found downtown. This place is great for many reasons and I’m not even referring to ones listed above.

The Duce Phoenix 525 South Central Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85004 (602) 866-DUCE (3823)



  • Challenge someone to a round of bowling AMF Cosmic Bowling. There’s always a few locations to pick from. Check their website for locations, hours and most importantly deals. Most of these locations will have some sort of deal or discount during the week. We find that going as early as possible on these days are your best bet to try to beat the crowds, but other than more people its way more valuable to take your kids on those days. You get to say Yes more! Like on triple play Tuesdays where the games and the tacos are $3.33 each you get more and everyone has more fun!

AMF Cosmic Bowling Locations


  • Make a plant terrarium together at The Plant Bar at Jade & Clover. With 1 location in Phoenix and the other in Dallas, TX this is a unique way to maybe merge your son’s love of nature into something creative and a one of a kind experience. Even if nature isn’t your passion, you’ll both feel some accomplishment putting one of these together and you can give it away as a gift. Pricing ranges from $8 to $90+ it all depends on the size, style and based on what’s available. Included however is your soil, sand and gravel rocks.

The Plant Bar - Jade & Clover 3939 E. Campbell Ave Suite 130 Phoenix, AZ 85018 (623) 203-1156



  • Ride a zip-line through a Ghost-Town. I feel like no other explanation is really needed for this one. Other than knowing that Goldfield Ghost-Town located in Superstition, Arizona and is safe for all ages and open 7 days a week.

Visit their site here -
Superstition Zip-Line - 4650 N Mammoth Mine Rd, Apache Junction, AZ 85119



  • Take a day trip to Out of Africa/Camp Verde - Forget the zoo, you and your child will get a kick out of feeding the giraffes and the variety of wild animals they have on the property. Head on the I-17 and you’ll run into Camp Verde. Not particularly well known as a destination, however it does have a few things to offer one big one is the Out of Africa Wildlife Park where it feels like you’ve been transported to the wild. If you’re there on a Sun/Wed/Fri at 3pm you can see the predators getting fed, which is particularly interesting. Tip: After that unwind at the Verde Brewing Comp any before you head back. They have 8 beers on tap and delicious food. It’s a great place to stop when visiting Montezuma Castle, Tuzigoot, Fossil Creek, Clear Creek, Fort Verde State Historic Park. We love making it apart of the agenda when we go up that way.

Out of Africa - 3505 W. Camp Verde Bridgeport Highway | Camp Verde, AZ 86322

Verde Brewing Company - 724 N Industrial Dr Unit 7A, Camp Verde, AZ 86322



  • Take a day getting in with local nature at the Center for Native Wildlife Diversity at Scottsdale Community College. Home to our collection of Arizona wildlife, including Gila Monsters, Desert Tortoises, and Toads, of course. Open to the public during our open house hours and scheduled visits. Then go for a sunset hike at Papago Mountain, climb the boulders and take in the view from “Hole in the Rock”. Bring a picnic and chill at one of the ramada’s. Having these stunning natural attractions is something we have to appreciate and this is one of those places. People come from all over the world to view, climb and experience this and they’ve got it in their backyard.

Scottsdale Community College - 9000 East Chaparral Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85256 | (480) 423-6000

Hole in the Rock Trail - 625 N Galvin Parkway, Phoenix, Arizona 85008



  • Play a round of Laser Tag at Mavrix - Of course if your son’s into video games and more tech like activities he will be all over this. There are some age/height requirements so check for that. But Mavrix is also an arcade, bowling alley and restaurant, so he’s bound to find something he likes. Their top special is during the week Monday - Thursday you can get 2 Unlimited Fun passes with unlimited laser tag, billiards and bowling for $35 or 1 for $18.

Mavrix 9139 E Talking Stick Way Scottsdale, AZ 85250 (480) 291-7500



  • Take in the Art-Scene-Roosevelt Row/Downtown -

    For a fun and artsy family night out, why not explore our downtown's vibrant street art scene? Start with a leisurely walk or bike ride through the colorful murals and installations, turning your evening into an exciting outdoor gallery adventure.

    Sweeten the experience with a stop at the charming ice cream shop on Grand at Novel for some of the best hand-made ice cream sandwiches in town. Then, burn off that energy at Margaret T Hance Park, where the kids can enjoy climbing walls and playful adventures.

    If it's a Wednesday, cap off your night with a visit to the Phoenix Art Museum from 3-9 pm for 'Pay What You Wish Day', perfect for a family-friendly art immersion. Don't forget to swing by the Burton Barr Library, where art exhibits in the lobby and a unique glass elevator add a touch of magic to your visit.

    Get ready for an evening that blends creativity, fun, and delicious treats in our city's bustling art scene!

Phoenix Art Muesum -1625 North Central Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85004 602.257.1880
Burton Barr Library​1221 N. Central Ave., 85004

Margaret T Hance Park - 67 W Culver St, Phoenix, AZ 85003

Novel Ice Cream - 1028 Grand Ave Ste 6, Phoenix, AZ 85007


And there you have it, my fellow adventure-seeking moms! I hope this list sparks some "aha!" moments for you and your mini-me(s). Imagine finding that special activity that turns into "your thing" – something that keeps the bond growing stronger year after year. Picture it: an epic saga of mom-kid adventures!

Don't forget to play detective on Instagram using hashtags like #localplaytime, or do some good old Google sleuthing for 'great places for kids near me'. And hey, if you strike gold with a fun spot we missed, give us a shout in the comments. Your discoveries are our next adventure! Let's turn this into a never-ending story of mom-kid fun! 🕵️‍♀️🌟👩‍👧‍👦🎉

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