Our first Mom... The Early Days.

Our first Mom... The Early Days.

I remember when we took our first sample to a new moms house. She had heard about our design and wanted to try it for herself. When we arrived, we listened as she explained the horror tales of her toes getting hit and bruised from her daughter in the walker.

I’ll never forget the pure excitement she showed after we applied the bumper guard to the bottom edge and she felt the difference. We had turned this sharp edge into a a soft cushion and now it didn’t matter how many times that walker went up against her toes, it felt kinda nice. This is a picture of that walker.

We felt so good cause this mom, now our new friend (she as hugging us by the time we left her house), felt good. We were excited cause she was excited. And we remember that same joy was what we had initially experienced the fist time we wrapped our own bumper. We keep this picture as a reminder and that joy. That it is the little things that can make a difference in a home. And that’s what we'‘re here for to help make a difference in your home. We hope to create even more products that help do that. ;)


Shakirah M.

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