A List of Best Travel Toys for Kids

Perfect Kids Toys for Travel

How to keep your little ones occupied on a flight doesn’t have to be a struggle. With an attention span of 7-20 minutes max and with a 4 hour flight ahead of you, you just have to plan ahead. Here are some of the best toys and activities for kids to keep them busy on a flight. These will help fill in the time and make your flight go a little quicker. 

  • Sensory Games for Babies. Your baby will love this mini silicone UFO activity toy with all of its interesting shapes and pulls. Give their senses all they need with this easy to hold and convenient for travelling Montessori toy. It will keep them occupied and help them work on their fine motor skills. Any baby that's teething and using their mouth as their go to. Up to 18 months


  • Guolely Busy Boards. A unique flip board with 25 Montessori toddler activities, including zippers, shoelaces, buttons, belt buckles, jigsaw puzzles, alphabet, clocks and calendar learning games. This dinosaur themed toddler toy is so lightweight your kid can put it in their backpack and take it wherever they want. Great for a toddler 2 - 4yrs. 


  • Lego building container. If your child is into Legos, then you probably have tons of them laying around your house. Now they can continue building on the plane with this portable container with a built-on baseplate. They won’t have to worry about the pieces falling off if there’s a little turbulence. Great for 4 & up. 

  • On the Plane Activity Book. This book features planes to decorate, matching games, fill-in-the-face painting exercises, true-or-false airplane and flying information, and behind-the-scenes pictures to investigate. It is jam-packed with activities to keep kids amused at the airport or during the journey. Great for a variety of ages 3 & up. 

  • Magnetic Puzzle and Board Games. Jigsaw puzzles can be a great way to occupy time. And you don’t have to worry about loosing pieces as these are magnet boards as well. Perfect for traveling. (Although the likeliness of them still loosing a piece or two - HIGH, they are still kids.) Great for 3 & up. 

  • Brain Game Books. If you enjoy the Highlights Hidden Pictures books, them this Puzzle Fun 4-Book Set is a great way to try a new challenge. This new 2023 collection includes four puzzle books with different themes, each with 32 pages and a variety of activities that will help you develop your brain without using a screen. Great for 6 & up. 

  • Smart Travel Games. Here’s a game even you adults might like. Made with sliding pieces where the squirrels gather acorns for the winter and aids in the development of spatial awareness, problem-solving abilities, and logic skills. It contains 60 tasks in a lidded, convenient travel case. Good for 6 & up.

  • Smart Kids Games. Slide the asteroids by using your brain, then plot your spaceship's escape route! This Asteroid Escape game has 60 challenges inside that will improve your logic, planning skills and problem solving skills all from your flight. Good for 8 & up. 

  • Doodle Coloring Book. Use vibrant colors to doodle in a book with watercolor markers to inspire your child's creativity. Colorful, non-toxic, dust-free, and erasable. Your children are welcome to draw as much as they'd like, and then you may reuse it by gently wiping it clean with a moist cloth. Good for 2 & up. This booklet includes 14 pages, and comes with 12 watercolor pens.

  • Search and Find Activity Mat. Search and Find with 12 different activities found on double sided wipeable activity mats that are extremely engaging and reproducible and which develop fundamental abilities in a fun way. Great for ages 3-6.

Disclaimer: Just a heads up, fellow parents! This blog post contains some Amazon affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you). These little commissions help keep the snacks flowing and the toddlers smiling. Thanks for your support! 💖 #AffiliateLove
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